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The Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy hasn't gain the foothold of popularity in the United States that many other breeds have. There are about 175,000 registrations of Labs as opposed to a little over 2500 for Rhodesian Ridgebacks. The biggest reason for this disparate count is because if you ask anybody as to what breed of dog you should get, they will suggest a Lab, regardless of what their experience is with the breed. The phenomenon is similar to thinking of Mcdonalds when you think of a Hamburger.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks also have a reputation for being “Lion Hunters” and this is almost always equated to ferociousness. The fact is, Rhodesian Ridgebacks did not “hunt” in the typical sense that one usually thinks of as hunting. First off, the “hunt” for large game generally consisted of several Ridgebacks in a group and their unified objective was to pursue large game together as a unit. They would then taunt the animal, or confuse it to the point that it simply didn't know how to react. The group would continue this ritual until the hunter arrived to make the kill, or apply a tranquilizer, whatever the case might be. The most damage inflicted on such an animal under this condition might be a nip, to get its attention. It is a glorious sight to behold, watching a group of Ridgebacks bring an animal under control...

If you consider for a moment about the stature of a Rhodesian Ridgeback as opposed to a Lion, you'll realize at once that it would be foolish for this small wheaten colored dog to attack the King of Beasts. He is simply no match in strength. If a Ridgeback were aggressive, it would mean instantaneous death. Instead, the African Lion Hound was bred with both, an instinctive intelligence to steer clear of danger, and the physical dexterity to do so. Although not innately aggressive, They are courageous on behalf of their owners. Many Ridgebacks have lost their lives in defense of their master.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback pup would be a safe choice as long as you take care in selecting a reputable breeder. If you don't choose a respected breeder, don't expect a good dog. Furthermore, don't speak bad of the breed if you decide to buy on the cheap. The Breeder and the Buyer are to blame in such a circumstance. Well bred Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies will cost around 1300.00 – 2000.00. But don't let cost be the barometer. Many poor breeders have figured out that charging more makes them appear legitimate. The only way you can be sure about your purchase is if you ask the right questions and ask to be shown the proof.

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A video showing the hunting instincts of the Rhodesian Ridgeback